Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dressy hairdo

A pretty easy hairstyle that looks super cool.  :)  It doesn't take too much time, but still looks elegant.

For this hairstyle, I start with dry hair (either air dried or blow dried) and pin my bangs back.  Then, starting at the top of the back of my head, I take a section of hair, wrap it around two fingers (to get the curl starting), slide it off of my fingers, keep rolling it up to my head, and pin the side of the curl closest to my head with two bobby pins crisscrossed.  I add bobby pins as needed to help the curls stay in a curl. 

(If you need more details, here's the tutorial that was my inspiration source:

A bonus of this style is that it curls your hair while you wear it and gives you great volume when you take it down.  :)


  1. Hey Kerry!! Can I just say thrilled to have you visit my blog!! I always feel a sense of kinship with people who can recognize my Muppet Treasure Island quotes! :) And you really should make some of the Apple Dumplings, I'm sure they will inspire happy memories of the movies! *grin* So glad you stopped by and I really hope you have a great day!